Self-Harm Awareness - Children's Care - Foundation Level

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Self-Harm Awareness - Children's Care - Foundation Level

Course Overview This course raises awareness about self-harm in children’s care sector; why young people self-harm, the different types of self-harm, who is vulnerable to it and how to help young people recover. The programme benefits from an animated scenes and activities with ongoing assessment making it engaging and interactive. This course can be completed via the website, on PC, laptop etc. For mobile phones it is recommended to use the app for IOS or Android devices. Aims & Objectives Explain what self-harm is Why children might resort to self harming and the problems associated with it Identify some of the signs that could indicate a child is self-harming Identify different forms of self-harm Identify groups that are vulnerable to self-harm Describe/demonstrate how to talk to a child who is self-harming using a sensitive and understanding approach Identify appropriate support to a child who is self-harming List possible substitutions and recovery strategies that child can try Advise how you can raise the issue with a child you suspect is self-harming Emphasise the need to follow the children’s home Self-harm Policy regarding reporting and recording Course Audience This course is aimed at residential care staff, specialist health and education staff working with children, youth leaders and practitioners.

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    17 Jan 2024 14:00

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