Our Learning Management System (LMS) has been designed and built by experts in the education, care and technology industry and puts our service offering above our competitors.

The LMS contains features that makes every stage of the process simple for customers and learners alike. Here are some key features which we know you’ll love, but we’re already underway with more development to ensure our LMS is the market leader.

Available on any internet-enabled device, it is safe, secure and GDPR compliant and comes with native apps available for iOS and Android.

We provide real-time alerts and notifications to ensure you and your learners don’t miss any courses, and we also provide course refresher/renewal reminders via our live Training Matrix.

Our online calendar provides visibility of courses available to you, along with a simple booking system to assign your learners to our courses and create an invoice for payment immediately.

Our live attendance register ensures you can see that all learners attended their course, and you can track the course outcomes which will immediately create a course certificate for those who successfully pass the session.

Learners have their own profile, allowing them to manage their personal details, see contact details for their tutors and access course material including videos, workbooks and their certificates.

We also have clear and helpful user guides which can be accessed at any time by customers and learners, to help you get the most out of the system.

For a free demo of the LMS and to discuss how it could benefit you, please get in touch.