Therapeutic Team

At Think Tank Academy our approach to training incorporates a golden thread, weaving our ethos, our values and passion for the person-centred approach to care. We understand that within the industry there is a real need to train staff to recognise compassion fatigue, and blocked care. Our training courses provide a solid psychological grounding that enables course participants to recognise, reflect and change practice to ensure that their delivery of care retains the person at the centre. Seeing, hearing and valuing the individual with unconditional positive regard will ensure that care is always person centred focused.

Our training courses are overseen in their content by our clinical team, headed up by Christina Bebbington

Christina and the team ensure that our courses address the very real need to link the person-centred approach through the psychoeducation, the learning outcomes, and impact assessments of all our training courses.

Our embedded therapeutic approach ensures well-being, fostering a nurturing environment at Exceptional Care and Think Tank Academy.

Christina Bebbington

Christina Bebbington

Head of Therapeutic Services

Christina has a long career history in senior management and higher education. She completed her MA in psychotherapy at Liverpool John Moores University and is now passionate about working systemically with children in the care system. Christina leads the therapeutic approach at Exceptional Care working with the child’s ability to trust and their sense of security and observing how this can directly impact how they see themselves and the world. Christina and the team work to find therapeutic approaches that will engage the child and help them find a new way of being, one in which they can grow and thrive.

Outside of work, Christina loves walking, painting (badly) and dancing.

BA (Hons) English Literature 2:1 University of Liverpool

Pg Cert Business Studies Hope University

MA Counselling and Psychotherapeutic Practice – Merit Liverpool John Moores University.

Emma Day

Assistant Psychologist

Meet Emma Day, a dedicated professional with a first-class honours degree in Psychology, specialising in the fascinating realm of Psychosocial Analysis of Offending Behaviour. With a robust background spanning 8 years in the Youth Justice Service, Emma has been deeply involved in delivering impactful interventions to young individuals across all phases of the criminal justice process. 

Emma’s journey has led her to delve into primary research, particularly in collaboration with the Youth Justice Service. Her work has centered around understanding the profound impact of grief, bereavement, and loss on young people’s patterns of offending behavior. Furthermore, she has explored the intricate dynamics of vicarious trauma affecting professionals engaged in the criminal justice system.

Currently pursuing a master’s degree in Psychology, Emma is an aspiring member of the British Psychological Society (BPS). Her research passions encompass a wide range of areas, from comprehending the repercussions of developmental trauma across different life stages to evaluating the effectiveness of therapeutic parenting in the context of residential children’s homes.

Beyond academia, Emma is a dynamic presence on the Criminology Professional Advisory Panel at Edge Hill University. Her active involvement extends to Knowledge Transfer Partnerships involving prestigious entities such as the HM Inspectorate of Probation, Association of YOT Managers, Greater Manchester Youth Justice University Partnership, and several universities.

With a vision to create a lasting impact, Emma’s ultimate goal is to pursue a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She is deeply committed to her mission of working alongside children and young people in residential care settings, striving to make a positive difference in their lives.