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LGBTQIA+ - Children's Care - Essential Level

Course Overview LGBTQIA+ - Children's Care - Essential Level training course will give an insight into the challenges that Children and Young People face with their identity and sexuality and raise awareness of how attitudes and stereotypes can have a negative effect on Children and Young People. Provided is a background in LGBTQIA+ that helps learners to understand how things have developed in the last 50 years. It explains the legislation in place and the laws around being LGBT. Also included is advice for practitioners on how they can support Children and Young People with LGBTQIA+ issues. Aims & Objectives Define LGBTQIA+ and explain the letters in the acronym Explain terms related to LGBTQIA+ Discuss the law, legislation and international laws Highlight the negative aspects and stereotypical views Investigate what is being done to improve things Provide a list of resources for support Course Audience Anyone who works closely with Children and Young People from various sectors.

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    14 Sep 2023 10:00

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