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Self-Harm Awareness - Children's Care - Essential Level

Course Overview Self-Harm Awareness - Children's Care - Essential Level training course outlines the basic understanding of self-harm and suicide. It explores ways to prevent and reduce harm caused by children and young people within the work environment. Included are different strategies and techniques to be referred and incorporated into practice. Learners will be able to identify common signs and symptoms of an individual who self-harms as well as be able to relate to the likelihood of individuals to attempt suicide. It has been designed to develop tools and techniques to be used to respond to self-harm and suicide ideation. Aims & Objectives Give an understanding of self-harm and suicide Understand the associated risk factors Explore harm minimisation and prevention Increase our confidence Provide tools and techniques to respond to suicide ideation and self-harm Resources & Links Course Audience This course is designed for people who work in the social care sector with people who may be at risk of self-harm or suicide.

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    Think Tank Academy Head Office

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    06 Mar 2024 09:30

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