National Event: Seeing it Through the Eyes of a Child

National Event: Seeing it Through the Eyes of a Child

Friday 20th October 2023 | The Hilton, Liverpool


We are proud to be hosting our first groundbreaking national event!

We are honored to have as our guest, Richie Barlow. Richie’s harrowing story is one of immense determination and inner strength against the longest odds.​ Richie Barlow is a published author, a child abuse survivor, and a multi award-winning business owner. Abandoned by his abusive mother and stepfather and placed in an inadequate care system, he was sold into child prostitution and criminality. His story is an example of a child that has suffered severe trauma and neglect and using virtual and augmented reality, we are going to take the audience back to his childhood so they can see his experience through the eyes of a child.

We aim to explore with all who work with or for, looked after children, (Residential child care, fostering, supported accommodation, youth zones, non-profit and respite care) share good practice and a common goal our ability to work together on a larger scale with the ultimately goal of bringing policy change on various issues to Westminster.

As an advocate for empowerment and change, we will showcase a combination of BI (data), generative AI and virtual and augmented reality to deliver better care and outcomes.

And we need your help. United, we want to bring together the right non profit stakeholders to have a voice at the event and after, through a Children’s Care Consortium, to address failures, issues and drive change in the sector through partnership and collaboration.

The other keynote speaker that we be sharing their stories and thoughts on the topic include:

  • Local Authority Commissioners

  • Think Tank Academy – Gill Ashcroft (CEO) Susan Rolfe (MD) to talk to the importance of clinical therapeutic training for social care CPD and the future of Care – BI, AI and AR and VR

  • Think Tank Academy – Margarita Lally and Andrea Lewis-Coker (Clinical Psychologists)

  • Inicio Group – David Thompson

  • Liverpool County FC – Lisa Morrison 

  • NWG Network – Kevin Murphy 

  • Ygam- Kyle Riding

  • Youth Justice – Laura Cooper

  • The Hive – Gill Pleavin

  • Catch 22 – Natasha Andrews

  • NSPCC – Anthony Kelly

  • Miguel Deforo

Please save the date and join us for the care event of the decade!


This post was written by Michael McMahon