At the heart of our mission is a commitment to providing top-notch training that empowers your staff to excel in their roles, ultimately enhancing the lives of both looked after children and adults. But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what our learners have to say about their experience with Think Tank Academy: 

Excellent delivery, comfortable to ask any type of questions, overall amazing sessions.
Natalie Dingle
Carley’s delivery was perfect. I cannot think of any improvements need. The training will allow me to support those in crisis safely. The trainer made the course interesting and had the whole class engaged.
Lisa Dawes
Carley delivered a super training session, which will have a big impact for my role and help me provide a better approach to my job day to day. Te whole session as really interesting from start to finish I will take everything into account.
Lynda Tomas
I feel much more confident about going into the job despite not working with children before. I will be able to deal with situations in a much better way. The most useful element was the differences between stress levels in looked after children compared to those outside of care and how much impact this can have. I absolutely loved the training, very inclusive, interesting and useful!
Olivia Munro
Excellent delivery, relatable, down to earth, made me feel confident and comfortable. The trainer clearly shows a passion for young people and their lives. The training improved my confidence.
Hayley Archer